Remember Science

Do you remember when you were young? If you were like most youngsters, you were fascinated with some aspect of the natural world. Children seem to have a natural fascination with aspects of the world such as:

Stars and planets Earthquakes and volcanoes. Rocks and minerals Seashells Dinosaurs The ocean

When children grow to be young teens, their attention typically turns to their social lives. Later, they focus on issues such as independence, education, transportation, jobs and careers. In most cases, when you have reached adulthood, you remain focused on career, housing, finances, and family, and your childhood fascination with the natural world lies dormant. In my view, this is tragic.

Why is a psychologist so concerned with his patients’ ability to rekindle their childhood fascination with the natural world?

First, the Universe is a fascinating place, and an appreciation of it, and of how we came to exist in it, can give us a special, vivid and delightful appreciation for life – our own life, our neighbor’s life, anyone’s life.

Second, as you may know from other materials available on this site, I recommend supporting your happiness in five major ways:

Physical and recreational Enjoying the beauty of nature. Curiosity and wonder about the natural worldCulture: music, art, movies, TVSocial relationships

In today’s complicated and challenging world, we need as many “legs under us” as we can get to be happy. For many individuals, fascination and wonder about the natural world, very likely present earlier in their lives, needs priming to get started again. But the rewards are well worth it. Try reading some of the ideas presented on these pages, and following some of the available links. You may end up being very glad you did!

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