This book will help propel readers toward a life of health and fitness. Most people recognize the importance of exercise and fitness and the role they play in physical and mental health. Nonetheless, many people experience great difficulty maintaining a fitness regimen. Board Certified Psychologist Dr. Michael Slavit understands the reluctance people experience, and balances this understanding with a challenge to the reader to face and overcome this resistance. Dr. Slavit cites the growing body of research that has proven that exercise does more than strengthen the body and the immune system. Exercise also strengthens the brain, and helps to prolong our mental abilities. The reader will be introduced to six types of exercise: strength, cardiovascular, stretching, balance, and core stability training, as well as mind-body integration systems such as Yoga and Tai Chi. Many basic concepts in these types of fitness activities are lucidly explained. In addition, exercise is described as part of a fourfold program of health, including nutrition, sleep and a strong mental attitude. Dr. Slavit encourages readers to embrace life and fitness, and to place exercise and fitness into its proper perspective. He cautions readers not to “lose the meaning” of their fitness efforts, but to be sure exercise is “in service of” a healthy and happy lifestyle. Dr. Slavit closes with an eloquent description of the wonder of life, and with his encouragement to readers to embrace life and fitness.